Investment Criteria

Our investments do not focus on any specific sectors and we concentrate on exchange-listed companies that are undervalued or in a difficult financial situation. Our investments follow a value approach and we believe that with our help a company can significantly improve its enterprise value.

Companies with the following features are the ones in which Aktieninvestor GmbH invests:

  • The existence of a strong trademark, a convincing product or an excellent service
  • The potential for sustained cash flows and earnings
  • Business activities in a growth market
  • Potential for substantial expansion
  • An experienced, professional management team

As a financial investor, we contribute not only cash funds for capital increases but also our network and experience in financial engineering. This is how together with the management we help the company to achieve a turnaround and attain growth as fast as possible.

In the area of venture capital, Aktieninvestor GmbH is specialized in equity capital for financing rounds immediately before a going public of a company (pre-IPO).

Successful Management

The management is our partner and retains entrepreneurial responsibility and freedom. Since we usually only acquire a minority stake as a purely financial investor, we do not get involved in the company’s daily business. Rather it is our goal to build up a solid cooperation base through open communication with the management and thus create a win-win situation for both partners.