About Us

Aktieninvestor GmbH is an independent, financially strong private equity company that invests in undervalued companies with an excellent development potential. We organize shareholder-friendly equity capital financing for listed companies with low market capitalization (micro caps – market capitalization below EUR 100mn). In addition to capital, we offer strategic consulting and stock market financing to help companies realize their plans for growth or restructuring. The management receives support for its efforts to achieve the company’s goals.

Placing Shares – Our Business

The range of investment transactions we offer runs from capital increases, convertible bonds and bonds with attached warrants to the acquisition of blocks of stocks from major shareholders of listed companies willing to sell, e.g., when the market capitalization of a company decreases dramatically and/or an investment no longer matches the strategy of a major investor.

We view ourselves as specialists in the area of micro caps and have already acquired stock packages from leading European venture capital companies.

Turnaround finance company

Aktieninvestor GmbH finances and plans the restructuring of companies that are already exchange-listed – especially when growth companies go through phases of weakness – with a financing volume from two to fifty million euro.

In a difficult economic environment, many attractive companies do not have enough liquid funds to achieve a turnaround on their own. Often, the assets are there but liquidity is too low to cover overhead costs. To avoid having to sell off assets below their value, obtaining liquid funds fast is a great advantage.


Aktieninvestor GmbH has a network of cooperation partners, which contribute additional experience and know-how as needed. This network enables us to offer support, among other things, within the scope of very cost-efficient and fast dual listings on all exchanges in Germany.

Identifying attractive investments and constant flexibility in changing market conditions is one of our strengths.

Managing Board
MMag. Markus Mair, entrepreneur, Vienna
Mag. Ania Laska, Vienna

We kindly invite you to introduce your company to us.